Handmade Solid Wood Pedestal Bench

$237.98 USD
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There's no need to settle on a single décor function when the Solid Wood Pedestal Bench can serve as both a bench and additional storage area all at once. This rustic bench has a minimalist look made from real wood. Each plank features authentic wood grain pattern that emphasizes the wood's natural look. The planks are assembled in a simple, charming craftsman style that's durable and free of pretentious ornate frills. With its versatile finish and minimalist construction, it's easy to find a happy home for this bench in your entryway, living room, or sitting room. Ready to enjoy in no time, this piece is easily assembled. Stack shoes on the lower shelf while taking a load off after an exhausting day. Reinvent any space in your home with the simple, satisfying addition of the Style Solid Wood Pedestal Bench. Proudly manufactured and shipped in the USA - 100% American MAAD(tm).